Camp Smile Stories: A Holiday Tradition

Though many businesses wind down deep into December, Camp Smile actually ramps up, as kids start holiday breaks and parents try to squeeze in doctor and dental appointments.

“Around this time of year, the clinic is really busy and it’s important to keep our team connected,” Dr. Colin says. “At Camp Smile, we’re a big family, so it’s important to keep everyone close and show our appreciation to everyone who works with us and significant others.”

The Camp Smile Holiday Party changes each year, though there’s always some sort of fun, offsite, team-building activity. Last year, they formed teams and competed in a cooking challenge. But Dr. Colin’s highlight was watching Dr. Dan eat a jalapeño popper.

“Dr. Dan doesn’t take spices well, and he was sweating and struggling,” Dr. Colin says. “I paid him $20 to eat another one!”

This year, after eating, there was a rollicking Ugly Sweater contest followed by a Camp Smile doctor game (see video). Afterwards, they left the Plymouth office and headed to a virtual reality parlor to fight zombies.

“There was a lot of laughs since everyone else was watching each other,” Dr. Colin says. “It was a fun experience. We have a fairly stressful job, but we want to have fun to ensure our patients and their parents have a good experience in our offices.”

Now we want to hear from you! Does your company have any holiday traditions? Or what about your family? Share with us by using the hashtag #CampSmileFamily on our Facebook or Instagram accounts!

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