Tooth Extractions


There are multiple situations in which dental extractions (tooth extraction or removal) may be indicated. Some examples include decayed teeth that cannot be restored, abscessed teeth contributing to infection and pain, and primary and/or permanent teeth that must be removed for orthodontic purposes. In some situations, a space maintainer may be indicated to prevent space closure and to save room for permanent teeth.

You also may be familiar with the term “shark tooth.” While we have yet to appoint a shark as a patient in our office, we do see patients whose lower permanent incisors come into the mouth while their baby teeth are retained with two rows of teeth in the lower arch. This situation contributes to the appearance of “shark teeth.” We encourage our patients to “wiggle out” their baby teeth at home; however, should these teeth remain in the mouth without any mobility of the baby teeth, we can help! Check out Dr. Bobbi’s video regarding “shark teeth” and reach out to our office with any additional questions.