medinadesignCamp Counselor

Katie prides herself on her positivity. When others see a “problem,” Katie sees an “opportunity.” When others — not anyone who works at Camp Smile, of course! — dread Mondays, Katie revels in them.

“Mondays are the very best day of the week!” Katie says. “So many possibilities lay ahead. Every Friday, I tell our team, ‘Only three sleeps to Monday!’ ”

And when others are in bed, in deep sleep, Katie is at the gym for her 3 a.m. daily workout.

“One of my passions in life is health and fitness,” she says. “I find it puts me in a great mood and provides me the energy I need for my life at Camp Smile.”

Renown for her leadership and versatility, Katie is thankful for her job and her Camp Smile family.

“I could not love and care for the Camp Smile families, doctors, and team members more,” Katie says. “The individuals who work at Camp Smile are the best group of people I could have ever of dreamed of working with.”

More about Katie

What superpower do you wish you had? I wish I could read people’s minds. I think it would be fascinating to know what everyone around me is really thinking. I just don’t want them to be able to read my mind in return!

If you had a free day to do anything, how would you spend it? First I would workout, shower, and then put my PJ’s for the rest of the day. Then I would curl up in front of the fireplace with a great book and a glass of wine. That. Sounds. Amazing.

What is your favorite snack? Really any type of fruit.

Favorite fluoride flavor? Mint