medinadesignCamp Counselor

Licensed Dental Assistant and Bachelor of Science (Healthcare Management)

Ashley started in karate at the age of 5, and she was a black belt by 11. Now a fourth-degree black belt, Ashley also taught karate for seven years.

That’s why she feels a special connection to a Star Wars character.

“Yoda’s the best!” Ashley says. “He is a Jedi Master, and he teaches people. I thought that was super awesome when I was a kid.”

Ashley enjoyed sparring, the forms, the detailed choreographed pattern of movements that showcase skill, and working with weapons.

“I like the bow staff,” Ashley says. “That’s probably another reason Yoda is so cool to me.”

On May 4th, Ashley usually sports Yoda gear at Camp Smile.

After teaching karate, Ashley discovered that she really enjoyed working with children, which is what prompted her to consider coming to Camp Smile.

“It was really fun,” she says. “I taught adults too but it wasn’t my thing. I like working with kids.”

More about Ashley

What superpower do you wish you had? To be able to speak and understand all languages fluently. People get scared to try to treat people as human beings, if you can’t understand them. I think language barriers can be a huge problem but it doesn’t have to be. I think everyone should know another language.

What is your actual superpower? To make everyone smile — and laugh!

If you had a free day to do anything, how would you spend it? Playing disc golf and eating at food trucks. Yum! I like taco trucks, and middle eastern.

What is your favorite snack? Mac and cheese and Wasabi peas

Why do you love your job? I get to be playful and silly all day and help kids have healthy, beautiful smiles to show off!

Favorite fluoride flavor? Orange creamsicle.

Favorite cartoon or animated movie? Batman all day! He’s the best superhero. He wasn’t given his powers. He had to work towards them.